Snow Days

Over the past week southwest Ohio has been hit with snow. We received about an inch of rain/ice and then four inches of snow. A day or two later we received three more inches along with temperatures in the teens. Don’t get me wrong Ohio does get snow in the winter and we have cold days. It’s just that we haven’t seen it for the past two or three years. People I talked to were excited about the snow and cold. Cold temps mean we have sunshine too. It’s just after a year of covid, covid, covid it is nice and almost normal to hear about freezing temperatures and snow.

Dealing with Covid19

I haven’t been keeping track of the days but I think we are probably in the second or third week of Covid. In some ways I am luckier than others. I am retired and don’t have to go out much and am at home more. Still I needed a day of doing things differently. So I ditched my routine except for the breakfast and stretching. I started by planting my blanket flower seeds in some seedling trays. I have never planted seedlings before in trays so we will see how it goes.

I also did not want to write today. I am reaching some blocks in my memoir writing and needed to step away. So I worked in the flower garden and baked. Now baking is not my best skill as you can see in this photo. Still the cookies tasted ok. That’s what you get when you try to reduce a cookie recipe. There is something about the right proportion of liquid to dry items. The muffins turned out better.

How are you coping with Covid my friends? Stay healthy.