New Webinar Available at Niche Academy

The older adult population is growing and will continue to grow for the next several decades. They are a diverse group with a variety of needs and backgrounds. While some older adults are mobile, there are those who, for cognitive and physical reasons, are living with family, in residential and assisted living facilities, or spend part of their day in adult day care. The adult population has different needs at different points in their life though, programming for older adults is often lumped together with all adult library programming.

On the Go with Senior Services  now available on Niche Academy website: https://www.nicheacademy.com/blog/on-the-go-with-senior-services

In this free one-hour webinar, Phyllis Goodman will address the needs of the older adult population and how to create programs for them.

Attendees will gain insight into who the older adult population is and recent research on how the brain ages, and how educational and creative programs can improve their quality of life.

Techniques for working with older adults and specifically those with early stages of dementia will be discussed. 

Sample programs that have worked well at libraries around the country will be shared.