Hail and Farewell to 2020…. and maybe 2021!??

I was looking at the Bored Panda app today and came across some posts about 2020 and 2021. One that stayed with me said something like…. I have a subscription to 2021. I completed the 7 days trial period and I want out. Life has been on a roller coaster the past year and it looks like 2021 may not be so smooth though there are glimmers of hope.

Life is about change. Some we choose and some like pandemics, death, mishaps of nature and social unrest we do not. Still that is what life is about. Bruce Feilor in his new book “Life is in the Transitions” states that it is the changes in life that bring transitions and can lead us tp new meanings in life. He divides transitions into 3 stages – the beginning and acceptance of the event, the “messy middle” in which we try to understand what is going on and can be overwhelming and we may feel like we are stuck. In the last stage and with work we find new meaning.

I am starting my third year of retirement. I retired with grace and on my own terms but even so I felt like I should be doing more. It took some time but I had started to find things that would give new meaning to my life. Still retirement did not stop everything else. By the time I had a new plan in place the pandemic put a halt to moving forward and I have have to return to the messy middle or the swamp as I think of it. This is life. Whether one is starting a new job out of college or moving into retirement we will return to the swamp from time to time. The important thing is to eventualy move out of the swamp and onto more stable land where new activities await us.

I know that 2021 may be bumpy but I also hope that we will seeing more positive results of getting covid under control. I know that many of us are trying to be safe and follow guidelines . While I do not make new year resolutions I am trying to be kinder to myself, write and read more and live in the present.

Happy 2021! Stay safe and healthy.