Cooking, Writing, Baking and Quarantine

The Covid19 virus has given us all more time to think and try out things we have not done before or at least not done in a long time. I have always loved to cook and sometimes bake. Lately I have been wanting to cook and bake more. I was very surprised that when I went to the grocery store that there was little flour and no yeast. It appears that a lot of people are baking. And they are not alone. I too have been thinking about baking more and trying some recipes in the cookbooks sitting on my shelves. Even though my recent attempt at cookies and muffins did not turn out well I’m still eager to do more. Now I just need to find some yeast.

I am curious to know if others are cooking or baking more and what. Did you learn to cook as a child or is this new? If you have children are you teaching them? I would love to hear your stories.