Retirement is a Transition

It has been two years since I retired and I can say that I am finally content with this next chapter of life.

I felt good about my retirement and felt it was done with grace and on my terms. My husband and I had followed the advice of many well-meaning books and financial planners and were prepared as we could be financially. I had created a list of potential activities I would like to be involved in. So I felt ready for what was to come. After a few months in I explained to others who had retired before me that I was nowhere near to knowing what I wanted to do and felt I “should be doing more”. After smiling many told me that it can take anywhere from three months or even up to two years to adjust to retirement and it was ok to not be doing anything.

I felt like I was prepared for retirement but I had not not prepared for one part of retirement that we all must do. Retirement is a transition and like many transitions we have to allow ourselves time to adjust.